Intel® App Innovation Contest 2013
Intel® App Innovation Contest 2013 Round 2 Schedule
October 2 12:01 a.m. GMT Phase 2 Open - App Submissions
November 6 11:59 p.m. GMT Early Submission Mini-Contest Closes (all developers who submit prior are automatically entered)
November 13 11:59 p.m. GMT Phase 2 Closed - App Submissions
December 5 11:59 p.m. GMT 30 Final Apps Announced
December 12 11:59 p.m. GMT 30 Final English Video Demos Due
December 31 11:59 p.m. GMT 9 Winners Announced

Updated on: 18th September 2013

In order to ensure that all 500 finalists around the world have the same minimum, six week period of development time, it has been decided to move the start date for Phase 2 from September 18th to October 2nd. Phase 2 will now end on November 13th.

The proposed change has been made as amassing the shipping information from all the developer communities took a bit longer than expected and there were some challenges with complex customs and import regulations for the countries involved.

To create the fairest field of competition, it has been decided that it is best to have Phase 2 start once all developers have their SDPs.

While you will need to wait until October 2nd to begin submitting their applications to the contest, you can all immediately start designing and coding your apps on devices you currently have on-hand. Upon receiving the SDPs, you can then optimize and QA your apps. As such, hopefully, the additional time works to everyone's benefit in realizing even better demo apps.

We are also updated that the some of the devices shipment has already started and Devworx will be having the shipment tracking details before this weekend and we will be sending this to all the eligible Phase II winners as soon as we receive the details.

So, some you can get started on your development now and once the device is with you, you can then optimise your code, do Q & A and test it thoroughly.

We are sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused to you but we hope it will benefit you as it will give the additional time to do the coding.


How to submit your Demo Submissions:

All content that you provide through the Demo Submission period set forth in this Section (“Round 2”) will be referred to as your “Demo Submission.” During Round 2, each Finalist will have the opportunity to create a Demo App/Demo Apps that is/are generally consistent with his/her Accepted Idea Submission(s). To develop and submit your Demo Submission, each Finalist must take the steps set forth below and submit the Demo Submission during Round 2.

To submit a Demo Submission, each Finalist must visit the Entry Site through which the Finalist submitted its Accepted Idea Submission and follow the presented prompts to upload the Finalist’s Demo Submission. [Please note that, while at this Entry Site, Finalist will be uploading its Demo Submission directly to Administrator’s server located in the United States.] A Finalist's text and voice responses must be provided in the language used on the Applicable Participating Partner Entry Site or English.

1. Create a Demo App that demonstrates your Accepted Idea Submission and which must run on the intended Platform (i.e., AIO or Tablet) including, but not limited to, the Windows 8 operating system.

Please note: Finalists may use programming aides and tools ("Programming Tools") defined as tools and engines required to write the code and interface with the creative assets ("Assets") that are used only to enhance the look and feel of the Demo App that he/she has not personally created, with the following caveats: Finalists must have all the necessary rights to use any such Programming Tools and Assets in this Contest, and the terms and conditions or licensing agreements associated with Programming Tools and Assets must allow Finalist to grant all rights set forth in this Official Rules.

2. Follow the prompts at the Entry Site to add the following items to one folder that will be zipped up and transmitted to the Administrator’s servers:

  • a Readmetext file with complete directions on use of the Demo App, installation instructions, a specific step-by-step walk-through, and any application dependencies, if applicable;
  • an executable application file or software package for your Demo App that has distinct application files and supporting files/data and dependencies. No other steps can be required to install and run the application;
  • Image/(s) that helps demonstrate the functionality of the Demo App; Upload a Zip file containing all the images of your built Demo app and
  • an unlisted link (if available) to (and/or upload) a video to a designated video upload site (such as YouTube or YouKu) that complements your written proposal and describes yourself and your Demo App functionality, compelling user experience and innovations. (See, e.g., for details on how to set-up an unlisted link.)

Videos posted on a designated video upload site must comply with all of the terms, conditions and requirements of such site. All videos must also comply with the technical, creative, and legal requirements set forth in these Official Rules. All videos must be in the language used on the Applicable Participating Partner Entry Site or English, be no longer than five (5) minutes in length, and must be submitted in one of the formats as required by Sponsor and/or the designated video upload site.

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What is the judging criteria for round 2 app ideas?

Phase 2 apps to be judged by Intel and industry experts

  • How effectively does the Demo Submission demonstrate innovation and a compelling user experience? (up to 50 points);
  • How effectively does the Demo Submission demonstrate usage of key technical enabling vectors? (up to 40 points)
  • How likely is it that end users will adopt the Demo App for its intended purpose and category? (up to 30 points)
  • Does the Demo App perform as expected with robust stability and functionality? (up to 20 points).

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